SPICE Labels Pack

SPICE Labels Pack


Get your spice collection more organised and find what you need faster!

Each pack contains 80 high quality, easy to read, modern black labels.

LABEL SIZE: Large - 49mm diameter, Small - 19mm diameter.

QTY: 76 pre-printed Large + 76 pre-printed small + BONUS 4 Large & 16 small BLANK labels.

If you require more blank sheets of labels be sure to check out our Blank Spice labels

*Please note: Jars not included.

I've got you covered from A-Z on your spice range, including all the yummies below:

All-Purpose Allspice Asafoetida Asian Blend Basil Bay leaf BBQ Spice Broth Powder Cajun Caraway Cardamom Cayenne Celery Chili Chili Flakes Chinese 5-Spice Chipotle Chives Cinnamon Cinnamon Sugar Cloves Coriander Coriander Seed Cumin Cumin Seed Curry Dill Dukkah Dulse Fennel Fenugreek Garam Masala Garlic  Ginger Green Salt Harissa Herbes de Provence Hot Curry Italian Jerk Spice Juniper Berries Lemon Myrtle Lemon Pepper Lemongrass Marjoram Mild Curry Mint  Mixed Herbs Mixed Spice Moroccan Mother of Herb Mustard My Blend Nigella Nutmeg Onion Oregano Paprika Parsley Pepper Peppercorns Poultry Blend Rosemary Sage Salt Seaweed Flakes Smoked paprika Star Anise Sumac Szechuan Tarragon Thyme Turmeric Vanilla White Pepper Za'atar

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We all know we judge a book by it’s cover - and we eat first with our eyes…

How is your spice collection looking these days? In need of some ‘upgrading’. Hopefully you don’t still have spice jars from 1986 in there…do you?

These spice labels will make your spice drawer unstoppable! …and will be a must-show to all house visitors for sure! We could all use a bit more spice in our lives right?! These will make you want to add spice to EVERYTHING! (and your body will thank you)

But more importantly, from a practical standpoint, they will help you stay organised, know what is in/out of stock, and remind you what you need to buy. HOT TIP: when you’re out of a spice, simply turn the jar upside down so you can see it’s empty and take it with you the next time you go to a bulk foods store for refills.

More practically still, they are VERY durable, dishwasher safe, don’t leave a sticky annoying residue, and are wonderfully re-stickable (in case you don’t guess the right jar size the first, second, or third time - haha).

Yes, you could mayyyyybe find equally beautiful ones online elsewhere but they won’t last and they won’t look gorgeous with all that use for long.

There is also a label for nearly every spice you could think of! See the individual photos for a complete inventory.