NEW! CATEGORY Pantry Labels

NEW! CATEGORY Pantry Labels


The icing on the cake! Finish the job and KEEP the family organised with these labels for the shelves and for the tubs/organiser baskets you use.

Now everyone will know where to put things back!

#PantryEnvy just went to the next level!

This is the exact same durable stock as the printed black labels, and also include some blanks for you to customise.

PS, this sheet is designed to go with the beautifully printed Black pantry labels.


Small LABEL SIZE: 56mm x 14mm

Large LABEL SIZE: 96mm x 45mm

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Finally! The shelves that your beautiful jars live on can be organised too!

…and even the tubs and organising baskets you choose for your pastas, your kids’ lunchbox snacks, or even your tea collection can now have a tidy home too!

More practically still, they are VERY durable, dishwasher safe, don’t leave a sticky annoying residue, and are wonderfully re-stickable (in case you don’t guess the right spot the first, second, or third time - haha).

Yes, you could mayyyyybe find equally beautiful ones online elsewhere but they won’t probably won’t last and they won’t look gorgeous with all that use you’ll be giving them for long.