SolidTeknics AusION 30cm WOK

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SolidTeknics AusION 30cm WOK


SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION Satin Formed Iron Dual Handle and Flat Bottom Wok 30cm is a world's first and the only seamless one piece steel pan on the market. Made in Australia this non-toxic, healthy, sustainable and multi-century warranted steel pan has become a top chef favourite here in Australia and abroad. This seamlessly constructed from formed steel wok has a 2.5mm flat base which is suitable for all cooking sources including induction, gas, open grill and even your campfire. Suitable for extreme temperatures, the sear on your meat will be unsurpassed. This is an extremely versatile pan shape which can be used for wok frying with a great balance with two handles.  

The pan has also been shot peen finished creating an appealing satin appearance and surface hammered to develop and maintain non-stick seasoning more effectively. Being made from one sheet the pan has no rivets which eliminates the risk of dangerous loose handles and food build up at the join. The handles have also been cleverly crafted with Australian formed and heart shaped vented styling to reduce heat transfer which also doubles as a hanging loop. Delivered pre-seasoned this pan is ready to go, however will require simple seasoning between uses. This pan unlike any other on the market is actually built to out-last you even! 


  • Diameter 30cm

  • No heat restrictions

  • Australian made

  • Dual handles and flat bottom for optimal balance 

  • Single sheet of formed steel 

  • Suitable for all cooking sources including induction, gas, campfires 

  • Shot peen surface

  • Satin finish for more effective seasoning build up

  • Vented handle to reduce handle heating 

  • Pre-seasoned

  • Non-toxic 

  • Multi-century warranty