Meal Planning Project

Meal Planning Project


Have you been searching for a way to make meal planning work in your world? Look no further! The Kitchen Coach Meal Planning Project has you set and ready to make a change and make it work in your world!

What Is Covered in The Meal Planning Project?

Well... LOTS! This project was created to help create a simple, yet effective structure around meal planning. I've stripped away the tricks and hacks that many profess are the silver bullet, and identified the core process that will ensure you are scaffolded and supported as you set up a meal planning approach that works in your world.

Discover The Pitfalls to Avoid

Meal planning is full of pitfalls, and there are a mass of families who have tried, stumbled and fallen in the process. To avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I have highlighted what you need to AVOID to ensure you maximise your meal planning success.

What's Your Meal Planning Style?

Many meal planning systems are a one-size-fits-all approach, whilst I have researched and surveyed my clients to identify the main meal planning styles (i.e. the meal planning approach that has the best chance of success in your world). What type of meal planner are you?

Meal Planning Templates + Guide Book

You will be sent a physical meal planning guide book in the mail (who doesn't love a bit of real mail these days!?), and meal planning templates that you can have on hand to use as you create a new normal of meal planning and prep.

Meal Planning How-To Guide

To help set the scene and guide you through the meal planning process, I have created a step by step guide to ensure that you stay on track, and do things in the right order. 

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