Cook With Me LIVE - Recipe Series 3

Cook With Me LIVE - Recipe Series 3


The last of the trilogy of cookbooks from the world’s first live, real-time cooking show - straight from The Kitchen Coach’s home kitchen to yours. From the comfort of your own home today Ashley will help you become a confident, capable, healthy, and happy cook. Cooking no longer needs to be a chore, but rather something you can delight in doing for your loved ones because you have the skills. Ashley will show you how.

What makes this one stand apart is the ability for this book to come to life, with embedded QR codes, you can scan the code with your phone or tablet and it will open up the cook along video for you to watch as you cook - a world’s first!

This is no plain recipe book! It’s a complete learn-how-cook-real-food-the-efficient-way program, with over 25hrs of video content to lead you easily, step-by-step through your chosen recipe.
This is a great opportunity to help get the pre-teens learning more in the kitchen and the teenagers getting dinner on the table for you by the time you get home (not to mention their food education for their future!). Even little kids gravitate to these videos and then want to help in the kitchen, helping you nurture a healthy relationship with food in them, from a young age.

The Goodness Within...


AJ’s Potato Salad 🥦 Green Papaya Salad 🥦 Kale & Herb Salad 🥦 Mango Rice Wraps 🥦 Maple Pecan Spinach Salad 🥦 Millet Tabbouleh


Breakfast Slice 🥦 Dulse Rolls 🥦 Granola Glo Bars 🥦 Olive & Fig Tapenade 🥦 Poppin Popcorn


Biryani Rice🥦 Buddha Bowl 🥦 Burger Boats 🥦 Enchilada Cake 🥦 Jerk Spice & Marinade 🥦 Pineapple Rice Pilaf 🥦 Stuffed Capsicums 🥦 Yellow Dal


Easy Minestrone 🥦 Pumpkin Curry


Choc Chip Super Dough 🥦 Festive Fruit Cake 🥦 Hazelnut Chocolate Bars 🥦 Ice Cream Sandwiches! 🥦 Lemon Tarts 🥦 Sweet Pumpkin Pie 🥦 GF Pastry Crust


B.E.B.B.s 🥦 Gone Crackers 🥦 Pan Bread 🥦 Regular Bread 🥦 Slow Cooker Porridge

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