Cook With Me LIVE - Recipe Series 1 (Print)

Cook With Me LIVE - Recipe Series 1 (Print)


Join in the fun with the first series cookbook of the world’s first live, real-time cooking show - straight from The Kitchen Coach’s home kitchen to yours. From the comfort of your own home today Ashley will help you become a confident, capable, healthy, and happy cook. Cooking no longer needs to be a chore, but rather something you can delight in doing for your loved ones because you have the skills. Ashley will show you how.

Ashley's focus is on whole foods - real food that the body recognises and thrives on. You will learn how to incorporate more variety into your diet, save money on groceries, reduce your stress around food, and do things smarter-not-harder. The best part is that by the time you're done learning, you also will have dinner on the table! No time 'lost' - just well invested.

May this book kick start your journey anew and propel you into a whole new zest for life. See you on Cook With Me Live soon. :)

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