The Kitchen Coach - School Food Educator

Ashley Jubinville, The Kitchen Coach, is the food and health speaker that you need at your school. An exciting, engaging and fun speaker, The Kitchen Coach will leave your students, teachers and community inspired and educated.

Ashley has presented in Canada, and all around Australia, and cannot wait to bring her passion and education to YOU!


Recent School Hosts

Chancellor State College

Invited by the Chancellor State College Leadership Team to share her passion with the school seniors, Ashley shared two hours with the students inspiring them to make the best decisions they can as they move through their senior year when it came to food. Ashley also provided a free event for the school community discussing the power of brain food and how parents can help children get more of the right food into their diet.


yLead Student Leadership Conference 2017

165 student leaders from around the world joined Ashley at the 2017 yLead Student Leadership Conference to discover how they can be leaders in their world when it comes to the food they eat. Presenting how important food is when it comes to school performance, and kicking eating disorders to the curb, this extended workshop with the students left many girls inspired. 

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