Pantry & Kitchen Flip

Would you expect to build your dream home on a old and unstable foundation? If you did, do you think it would last long? Unfortunately it is no difference when it comes to wanting to build your ideal health through the food you eat - you need a solid foundation. This foundation is your kitchen & pantry space AND how you use it.

In the Pantry & Kitchen Flip, you say "Flip" and we say "How high?". ie. what would you like this space to facilitate for you?  What are your current lifestyle constraints, and what is your desired goal for dietary/health improvements?

After testing many different types of storage containers, we have selected high-quality, Italian-made glass swing top jars and assembled a package of various sizes to suit most kitchens (see below).  

Although only Pantry photos are shown beside left, we "Flip" the whole kitchen too and address how certain shuffles between drawers or cupboards could make your life easier. As a trained structural engineer, Ashley has adapted her ability to organise and problem-solve in the environment she is most passionate about creating change in - home kitchens.  

"The home is where health begins" 

The Jars

We use only the highest quality jars so you can rest assured that you will still have beautiful, well-sealing jars in years to come. They are Bormioli Rocco Jars, made in Italy.

I absolutely loved the Pantry Flip, it was a definite highlight for me. Everything has just completely changed and is much quicker and easier.
— J.M. Buderim
Sent hubby a text with photos from today. This was his response: Wow money well spent me thinks!... Can’t wait for him to see it properly, thanks so much Xx.
— L.D. Golden Beach
We do not buy any food from packets. Everything I buy is now in bulk in my beautiful organised pantry. Cooking is so much easier since I threw out everything i didn’t use and equipment is now in the right place. Ashley took me to markets and showed me what to look for. I now fill up a trolley on a Saturday morning at the local farmers markets with enough produce that is spray free for under $40.
— J. M. Buderim
Thanks Ashley - this is exactly what I have been looking for! Here’s to a healthier me and to a healthier world!
— Lynn, Caloundra
The pantry/kitchen flip was the best decision I could ever had made for ME. Ashley is such a wealth of knowledge & is the most generous passionate person. I am so eager and excited to learn and to be educated by her to make the commitment to myself to embrace what she teaches and for it to be a norm for me too.
— A.S. Pelican Waters