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Aimee Finch - Mentor team

Aimee lives with her husband, 2 children (aged 7 and 9) and their 3-year-old Labrador, Cora.  Based on the sunny Sunshine Coast this family loves to socialise, eat good food and keep active.  Regular outings to the beach and sharing dinner together are amongst their favourite things to do.

Aimee’s daughter suffered from several food intolerances since birth and Aimee had similar sensitivities.  After attending one of Ashley’s events and a chat with the lady herself Aimee decided to jump right into the Kitchen Reset Program.

‘What was it that convinced you this was the right path?’

I was feeling sluggish, always fatigued, had constant ‘brain fog’, bloating, tummy upsets and was generally sick of feeling ‘blah’. Previously, I had experienced the trial and error and unknown ‘pick a path’, band aid solutions that doctors and specialists had prescribed.  What Ashley had to say made such common sense and, in a nutshell, … I wanted to feel happy and healthy.

‘And did the Program help?’

Yes – the family and I are flourishing and making healthier choices each week.  I am having so much fun learning, experimenting and actually cooking with REAL food that tastes amazing.  Ashley has reignited my passion for health and happiness and I was so inspired to keep learning and growing when I finished the Kitchen Reset Program, I joined SHEF.  Through webinars, reminders, videos, the Facebook groups and newsletters Ashley provides a platform to share her passion, knowledge, helpful hints and recipes which demonstrates just a small part of her dedication to help everyone on their path to better health which is incredibly motivational.  How could I not want to be a part of such a great community that is solely based on helping people be better!

‘Do you have a favourite part of the Programs you would like to share?’

Definitely the support – we are a big foodie family dedicated to helping each other stay on a lifelong wholefoods journey.  It is such a safe, caring and supportive environment where we can share our successes and failures without judgement – we all encourage and learn from one another without criticism. My mum was a meat and 3 veg, jar of Kantong kind of cook so I never really learned how to cook.  Literally boiling rice and popping popcorn was tricky for me.  I still have failures in the kitchen but I will continue to persist, and I will succeed because I always remember Ashley telling me ‘you just can’t cook that YET!!’.

‘So what have been your biggest take-aways from the Programs so far?’

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’.  I felt as if I was peeling off the layers of an onion one at a time, each layer opening my eyes to a bigger picture. One step at a time I became me again.  It can be challenging to keep moving forward when your children sit in front of you and tell you the meal you just spent time gathering and preparing is … yuck! However, step by step and little by little they come around and it gets easier – perseverance is the key – have faith and try, try again if you must – eventually you will win them over.

‘Sounds like you have won them over – can you tell us what your new normal is like?”

I bound out of bed ready to start the day with an ongoing supply of energy.  I no longer feel guilty about the food I am preparing and sending in my kid’s lunchboxes because now I am sending nourishing food, fruits and snacks and baked goods they eat!  My son is able to focus and concentrate at school whilst my daughter is not on an emotional rollercoaster due to sugar highs from previous ‘pre-packaged, so called allergen-safe foods’. My husband has lost weight and enjoys eating a mainly plant based diet now.  He visits the farmers market every Saturday now for our family’s weekly fruit and vegetables as well as prepares several meals throughout the week – our family is on board with our new lifestyle. 

‘And now you have joined the Kitchen Coach Team, can you tell us your motivation behind this?’

Being a teacher and always having an interest in health, I felt that this was the next step in helping others on a path to feeling happy and healthy also.  Since undertaking the Kitchen Reset Program I have not only become passionate about wholefoods; I also want to contribute to helping the environment.  I believe that ‘knowledge is power’!

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Carly Martyn - Welcome Team

Carly lives just North of Melbourne with her hubby, 2 gorgeous daughters and awesome son (and a growing flock of chickens). This energetic family have recently built a new home and are busy with the endless list of landscaping projects that come with new builds.  Carly has been working really hard on her new raised veggie patches and is keen to get her food forest established (she admits to a bit of an addiction to purchasing fruit trees with about 30 so far (insert shock emoji here)).  She tells us she has never really gardened before and is enjoying all the new learnings.

Carly had been trying to eat cleanly for years, but never felt energised nor overly inspired in the kitchen.  She knew there must have been pieces of the puzzle missing and didn’t know what she didn’t know – until she found the Kitchen Coach and the Kitchen Reset Program.

‘So, you joined the Kitchen Reset Program and have continued your journey through the SHEF program – what made you decide to join SHEF?’

Initially, the most pressing reason was the continued support and encouragement to keep me on track with our everyday kitchen experiences.  Now though, my skills and flow have improved so much that it’s less about relying on support, and more about continued learning and enjoying friendships with likeminded people.

‘And now you have joined the Kitchen Coach Team?’

Yes, I believe so deeply that this knowledge changes lives and I want to share that opportunity with others.

‘Can you give us an example of how the Kitchen Coach has changed your world?’

Do you know what I really love (aside from all the health and energy benefits)?  It is that I’m so prepared now.  Recently I ended up hosting an impromptu birthday party.  I was home alone with all three kids and had just one and a half hours to plan and prepare for the party.  I was still able to knock out enough food to feed our guests.  I had food including carrot and celery sticks from the fridge, other items (including dips) squirrelled away in the freezer, I used my brownie and chock chip cookie pre-mixes and my pantry staples allowed me to whip up chocolate bubble bars, dried fruits and nuts (and not a processed sugar or preservative in sight).  Such a world away from what I would have been able to pull together in such a short timeframe in the past.

‘That doesn’t sound like ‘normal’ party food – do you always eat this way now?’

When I first started with the Kitchen Coach I thought I was eating pretty cleanly.  Then I learned the skills of reading ingredient panels – I felt absolutely betrayed by what I discovered – how is this even allowed in our food system?  Throughout the program I have discovered how to really eat cleanly and now our favourite meals are those where my kitchen essential ingredients come into play – a giant container of washed and chopped greens, grated/chopped veg and roast veg can all be pulled out with a sauce (or three) and turned into an instant meal.  Think Buddha bowls, sushi, rice paper rolls and wraps – these are absolute staples at our place, and everyone gets involved and makes their own unique combinations to their liking.

‘Do you have any advice for people who are feeling how you used to feel before fully discovering the power of food?’

You don’t know what you don’t know!  I thought I was eating really well, but the level we are now eating at … I didn’t even dream was possible.  And of course, that has all the positive flow on effects – more energy, improved mental clarity, improved behaviour in the kids, significant improvements to kitchen and food organisation and efficiencies.

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cindy portwine - welcome team

Cindy lives in North Central Victoria with her young family, hubby – 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter.  The epitome of an Aussie family they love the outdoors and being in nature and especially getting away in their little van ‘out bush’.

Cindy can be shy but once you get to know her, she is never short of a word.  She loves exercise and frequently enjoys weights, balance, HIIT sessions and yoga and manages to fit in water-skiing and netball.

‘With all that going on Cindy, where does food come into the equation?’

I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and having fun with food.  I love the challenge of re-creating ‘junk’ food into something full of goodness that tastes AMAZING!  I especially enjoy getting out into my veggie garden – it is my place of peace where I like to ponder and plod around and love seeing my hard work provide my family with fresh, nourishing and organic food.

‘Sounds like you have ‘it’ all going on – why did you join the Kitchen Coach?’

I’d taken a few steps to improve my health but just felt there was much more to learn, and I just didn’t know where to start without feeling overwhelmed.

‘And did the Kitchen Reset Program help?’

Oh man, where do I start? I used to feel miserable every day.  I would have so much pain and discomfort with my cycle – I just wanted it out.  I was grumpy, sluggish, I’d sleep 8 hours a night but never feel refreshed in the morning and would battle through the day (simply no other word to describe it – I just felt bleh!) I am now running or exercising every day, I know what I want, I am a buzz of energy, I am more organised, I save a stock load of money on groceries and buy mostly organic and the best thing of all is knowing my kids and hubby have greatly benefited from it too.

‘And you continued on into the SHEF program as well?’

Yes, I loved the Kitchen Reset Program so much and I felt I still had more to learn.  I love the idea of having a monthly parcel sent to me with a new project and delicious and inspiring recipes to keep our journey going.  I have now joined the Kitchen Coach team because I want people to see that life is so much more than feeling ‘bleh’ and just surviving each day.  I want people to feel light, energised, motivated and passionate about life and most of all to inspire their little ones to be the best version of themselves.

‘Has it been an easy journey?’

Like every journey it has its ups and downs, we just have more ups these days.  Hubby continues to be the biggest challenge but we know the huge impact it has had on his own well-being and he continues this journey (even if he has a little whinge now and then (insert laugh emoji here).  The change in our kids has been nothing less than extraordinary – the other day we were walking through the food court at our local shopping centre and there was a huge line-up at one of the fast food places and my son (in his outside voice) shouts out “Mum, they don’t make great choices”.  I could have crawled into a burrow but quietly I was so incredibly proud of him and I definitely feel we are on the right track.

‘You set a great example Cindy, have you got any advice for those that are where you used to be?’

I think there are not too many people that are feeling like they should these days.It seems as though it’s ‘acceptable’ to feel sluggish, tired, depressed, overweight, not sleeping properly and feeling thoroughly overwhelmed with life – BUT it shouldn’t be accepted as the norm!There is so much life left in you – simple steps, the right advice, and progression over perfection and you’ll discover a new you – I did!


danielle lojek - management team

Danielle lives on the glorious Sunshine Coast with her super supportive husband, Brett, and their beautiful 5-year-old daughter Grace.

She loves the beach! …. everything about it! The water, sand, rockpools… anything water related… She’s there!

Danielle is an outdoors lover.  She tells us when she is in a ‘funk’ or procrastinating you will find her in her garden or wild foraging native and Indigenous food plants.  We assume that is where she goes to find fresh coconuts as she is a self-confessed fresh coconut addict!

Described as ‘arty-farty’, Danielle is quite creative and turns her hand to anything DIY from natural body products and cleaners to children’s arts, crafts and toys.

This awesome family have been on the wholefood route for quite some time.

‘So, why did you join the Kitchen Reset Program Danielle?’

I wanted to further my knowledge of wholefoods, find new food inspiration and learn new ways to become more efficient in the Kitchen.  I believe there is always more to be learned and so also signed up for the SHEF program. And also…. the community that the Kitchen Coach has created is incredibly supportive and inspirational! The Kitchen Reset Program is full of inspirational people carving out a new food journey for their families and the SHEF’s are like family that actually GET why you do what you do in relation to food!

‘Life is pretty different post the Kitchen Coach then, can you describe your ‘new normal’?

Ooooh! So many new normals… but my favourite is now having bulk home-made pre-mixes filling my pantry! My GOSH these save me so much sanity at dinner time!! 

‘I assume it hasn’t always been smooth sailing! – can you tell us your most memorable fail-turned-into-learning moment?

Hahaha! Oh there are so many … that will teach me for often ‘winging it’ and not following recipes! I have learnt though that 99.9% of ‘failed’ recipes can always be re-created to become something else! And, if at first it doesn’t work out, try again!! 

‘Do you have any advice for people who are feeling how you used to feel before fully discovering the power of food?’

This journey isn’t meant to happen overnight! My journey started around 10 or 11 years ago and just evolved one small step at a time! It has been so much more sustainable this way and much easier to transition family… (Mostly the husband! hehe!) Who I might add has now completely been onboard for many many years now! 

‘Lastly Danielle, can you tell us why you have joined the Kitchen Crew Team?’

I love being a part of the Kitchen Coach team by supporting families who are usually just starting their wholefood journey. I know all too well how it feels to be attempting to implement healthy changes to your family and just needing a support network who understand your ‘why’ and support you unconditionally!

I suppose it’s my way of giving back and helping fellow mummas!

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Jodie field - mentor team

Jodie resides in Gympie (the town that saved Queensland) with the love of her life Darryl.  She has 4 beautiful adult children aged 18 to 22 years of age and a Border Collie called Joey.  With the youngest of her kids about to go off to university she is about to become an empty-nester and excited about the next phase of her life.

Jodie loves the outdoors, especially the beach which she calls her happy place.  She enjoys interior decorating and creating special places within her home, citing it’s where she feels she can be herself.  Exercise is a biggy for Jodie and she takes time out to take care of herself – 2 days a week with a personal trainer and is passionate about cycling.

Jodie now knows that food is medicine for her body. She nourishes her body, and those of her loved ones with wholefoods and plant-based foods and tells us she loves how her body feels now. Jodie has a new passion for ‘real’ food and is enjoying creating healthy meals in her kitchen, learning new things and sharing this with others.

‘Why did you join the Kitchen Reset Program?’

Honestly, my hubby was having a dig at eating the same old basic meals (all 3 of them) and I totally agreed with his ‘whinging’.  I had culled meat, dairy, sugar and coffee from my diet and was at a loss with what to cook and eat.  I did not like cooking at all – it was a chore!  I knew I needed direction and guidance but did not know where to start – it was all so overwhelming.  I needed help in the kitchen, and I needed to be taught how to cook… at 52 years of age!!  When I finished the Kitchen Reset Program, I immediately signed up for SHEF.  It was a no brainer really.  I had learnt so much from the Kitchen Reset Program and, believe it or not I had fallen in love with cooking.  I wanted to keep the momentum going and stay connected with like-minded amazing people.  I am officially a ‘foodie’ now!  I still have so much to learn and SHEF is the best place to do this.  I love the monthly ‘surprises’ I receive in the mail – I get so excited!

‘What was your favourite part of the Program?’

That’s a hard one – I absolutely loved every part of the program.  The thing that stands out the most for me would have to be the pantry/kitchen flip (I am totally obsessed with glass jars now 😊).  This was a definite game changer and the catalyst for me – and so very rewarding.

‘What has your food journey been like so far?’

 My biggest challenge was starting the program.  I knew I needed change but find it confronting.  Once I commit to something however, I give it my all.  I am so blessed to have loved ones that have supported me through this change of lifestyle and the support provided through the Program has been fantastic. I have so much more energy now, my thinking is clearer, I eat less, and my weight is balanced, I feel so organised and less stressed.  Most of all I have noticed my mood is calmer and balanced.

‘Biggest challenge?’

Is probably the one that I procrastinated about the most and has been one of the most rewarding – meal planning!  It took me 6 months to finally start working on it.  Once I put pen to paper and it all came together … WOW!!  Less stress, less waste, more dollars in the budget, more free time and no more ‘what’s for dinner?’.

‘Why have you joined the Kitchen Coach Team?’

I so want others to realise how much this can change your life.  We can’t do it on our own, but as a team so much is possible.  If I can support, encourage, motivate and give to others what I have received from this amazing program… that would make me happy.  I would love, love, love to help Ashley in any way possible in her mission for families to realise the benefits of wholefoods and what her Programs have to offer.

‘Do you have any advice for people who are considering making changes in the way they eat?’

You are what you eat!  Healing your body with ‘real food’ will have such an impact on you and your loved ones.  Make daily ‘better’ changes, and before long you will be looking back and realising just how far you have come – I know I did.  If you stay the same, then nothing will change … ask yourself – what will I look and feel like in 12-month’s time?

jody essenhigh - welcome team

Jody comes to us from Far North Queensland where she recently relocated to with her husband Mark and their son Flynn (15yo).

A self-professed homebody, Jody enjoys all things creative: scrapbooking, painting, and crochet just to name a few.  With a true aversion to anything labelled ‘exercise’ she is working hard to increase her activity levels and has recently starting swimming again now that the weather is starting to warm.  With two ‘outdoor loving’ fellas in her life she also finds herself tromping through nature on a regular basis (which she tells us is not exercise … humm!). 

On the search for a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, Jody discovered The Kitchen Reset Program and now joins our team of passionate ‘foodies’.

‘So, what drew you to the Kitchen Reset Program Jody?’

Ashley of course! In all my searching she stood out as a passionate, credibly and extremely knowledgeable individual and I still cannot get enough of her unique and easy-going style (I call it my Ashley fix!)  Originally, I was looking for a more natural approach to some pretty major health issues; however, when I discovered the Kitchen Reset Program - I realised I had been looking for so much more.  Having 24-hour access to the plethora of information regarding food for life, learning how to listen to my body, the mechanics and flow of my kitchen, meal planning and budgeting (oh how I love to grocery shop now) and access to literally 100’s of tried and tested, goodness-packed recipes has literally changed my, and that of my family’s, life.  I have also joined the SHEF program and love the bite-sized monthly projects that delve right into interesting topics and add to my growing knowledge and understanding.

‘And now you have joined The Kitchen Coach Team?’

I feel so truly blessed to have found Ashley and the entire Kitchen Crew, and so very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this worthy goal.  If I can assist just one person gain the clarity they need to take the first step down this path, I believe I will have succeeded in giving just a little bit back of all that I have gained.

‘Can you give us an example of how The Kitchen Coach has changed your life?’  

Just one? That is a challenge, easier to ask how it hasn’t changed my life. OK – cooking! Never loved it, was always a chore, it stressed me out every night wondering what I was to put on the table, in the least amount of time, and still be considered ‘healthy’ enough for my family so I wouldn’t feel guilty. Now I just love being in the kitchen – my husband tells everyone his wife has gone all “Martha Stewart” on him…. I tell him ‘no honey – I have gone all “Ashley Jubinville” on you 😊 (and that is sooo much better)’. Can I add one more … I cannot remember the last time I have felt so good … but that is a story for another day.

‘Do you have a favourite ‘thing’ about the Program?’

Lots of favourite things – the Cook with me Live videos are awesome – I have learned so much from them – not just a new recipe but the way Ashley gives you so much information about why the ingredients have been chosen, how you can substitute and adapt, hints on better ways to use your kitchen tools, trouble-shooting and so much more – and they are in real time so it is like having your best mate in the kitchen cooking with you.  My most favourite thing though is, hands down, the support systems in place.  I call the Facebook groups my ‘happy places’ – I wasn’t even on Facebook before this Program as I had heard how toxic it can be – nothing could be further from the truth in regards to these groups – we are just a bunch of peeps all on the same path, helping each other out and providing encouragement and support.

‘Any advice for others out there that might benefit from what you have learned?’

Just do it! The thing I love about the Kitchen Coach Programs is that they are designed to meet you wherever you are at on your journey.  As we have progressed down this path, I find myself going back over my resources time and time again – finding new little pearls of wisdom, trying a new recipe that turns into our favourite (until the next one) and tweaking my newfound kitchen organisation skills.  I have found so many extra hours in my day hubby keeps asking me if I have secretly hired a housekeeper and we have more time (and energy) to spend as a family doing the things we love (like tromping through nature!).

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kristy hall - mentor team

Kristy lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Josh and her two beautiful kiddies – Willem (10yo) and Sanne (4yo).

Kristy has a beautiful soul with a passion for anything and everything creative – in particular patchwork (a skill she learned from her mum at a very young age that she treasures greatly) which is her outlet for making beautiful things.  She likes things to be organised and simple thus allowing her to be ‘present’ and enjoy the things that are important to her – going to the beach, visiting the markets, yoga and spending time with her family.

Kristy tells us that she has been on a health journey for herself and her family for a long time.  She had tried so many different things that would work for a short time and then feel like she was back at the beginning.  She had hit that point where she hated cooking and was overwhelmed with what to feed her family.

‘Then you signed up for the Kitchen Reset Program?’

Yes – I wanted food to be simple! I needed help and that is when I found the beautiful Ashley.  It was the best investment I ever made.

‘What was your favourite part of the Program?’

I LOVE being a part of such an amazing group of people.  I found it difficult to talk to people about my healing journey or just about foodstuff in general.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about food out there and people can be so opinionated and not always open.  Ashley has created such a safe place where we can all share and support each other.  We are all following our own journeys, but have one common goal.  It has made me believe there is hope.  When I completed the Kitchen Reset Program, I immediately signed up for SHEF – I just wanted more and more, why would you let go of such a special amazing thing?

For all of these reasons I am inspired and excited to join the Kitchen Coach Team and to have the opportunity to share the love and passion with other families. 

‘What have you gained by undertaking these Programs?’

Throughout my health journey I made lots of changes to our diet to try and heal.  I became so focused on what we couldn’t have, what I had to eliminate from our diet – I can’t have this; I can’t have that.  Ashley and her Programs gave me that lightbulb moment – there is such an abundance of beautiful wholefoods out there. I have learned to change my focus – now I don’t think I’m missing out on anything.

My biggest challenge on this journey has been my health – it greatly impacts my capabilities day-to-day – in turn I struggle to live the life I wish for myself and my family.  Before the Kitchen Coach I felt like I was constantly treading water.  The Programs have helped put me on the right path and I am riding a wave to achieving something amazing.  With the support from Ashley and her Programs I know I am not riding that wave alone – I keep in mind Ashley’s famous words ‘Baby Steps’.

A couple of things come to mind as big wins for us – my kids now eat salad and they don’t even protest – hooray! And being able to go to the fridge and make a nutritious, delicious meal – without using a recipe (I never thought I would be able to do that!).

‘What would you like to say to others out there that are where you were before finding the Kitchen Coach?’

Being a mum can be a really hard job.  I have discovered that my own mindset plays such a big part in how and what my kids eat.  My greatest fear is rejection – I take it personally when my family rejects the food I have made for them.  This has a huge knock on effect for me when deciding what to cook. When I’m not feeling strong I will avoid trying new recipes or putting new foods on the table.  The biggest discovery for me was when I started working on myself; everything else just began to fall into place.  Ashley advocates ‘putting your own oxygen mask on first’ and truer words have never been spoken.

matthew weller - business manager

Not only is Matt the Kitchen Coach Business Manager, he is also Ashley’s husband and best friend. He matches or exceed the hours she puts into this mission and forms a critical backbone to all that is “The Kitchen Coach”.

What is your role within the Kitchen Coach Team?

I am the behind the scenes guy who keeps The Kitchen Coach team working smoothly, from managing the technology behind the company to scheduling events, I'm there.
[Matt is the most humble person I have ever met - I guess we’ll have to fill in some of the gaps on his behalf here… there is no hat that he is not willing to wear to help this mission proceed. If there is something that he doesn’t know how to do, he will self-teach to make it happen. I couldn’t even begin to count the hours he puts in every single week!]

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Knowing that my true purpose is being realised every day through being of service to families who are making a healthy change. I am so blessed to be one of the men behind the women who bring wonderful, whole food education to the world!

What is a day-in-the-office of the Kitchen Coach like?

A little bit nerdy really, you'll find me making sure our learning platform is running smoothly, providing tech support to our wonderful program students, editing videos, answering phones, and making sure everyone is happy! You might even find me packing an order from the shop every now and then too! Oh, and I’m the chief guinea pig for all of Ashley’s creations, her “worst” meals would be my “best”!

What are your thoughts on the future of food?

A favourite topic of mine… I see the future of food being bright! As the word spreads, more and more people will be sourcing their foods from locally-operated farmer’s markets, as farmers cut through the middle man and go direct to the consumer. Food manufacturers will be forced to change (their often sneaky ways) as consumer sentiment seeks real food products versus frankenfood products; and government policy will put the emphasis on healthier whole food diets as they realise the return on investment, saving the health care system $$$'s through a healthier community. Technology will also enter the food industry, with robot veggie gardens becoming common, and the ‘Uber for fresh farm produce’ being launched in the next 3-5 years.

What do you wish for the families you help serve?

Ease, comfort, and knowing that we've got their back. The Kitchen Coach business is designed to provide a scaffolded system that ensures no one is left behind! As well as a return to health, happiness and love for food through rediscovering whole foods.

Megan Jantke-3057.jpg

megan jantke - mentor team

Megan comes to us from the Sunshine Coast where she lives with her awesome husband Michael and four beautiful kids that keep them on their toes – Katie 13, Ben 11, Abby 9 and Isla 3.

Having struggled with two autoimmune diseases and with a busy family to cater for Megan had been trying for years to put systems in place in the kitchen and with meal preparations – some things would work, but nothing would ever stick and last.  After a dear friend gifted Megan a one day ‘Ashley event’ she was inspired to learn more.

‘So you signed up for the Kitchen Reset Program?’

Yes, my gorgeous and generous friend had already completed the Program and I was so inspired by the changes she was making and after hearing what Ashley had to offer, I jumped right in.

‘And you have since joined the SHEF program as well?’

I knew I wanted to continue being surrounded by like minded people to encourage me on this journey and to have something new each month to keep me on my toes and motivated to learn more.  For me it has been more about the food and habits, and making life easier in the kitchen, and with my own health I can see that slowly but surely it is improving which is so totally exciting to me – to be able to take ownership of my own health and know that I CAN do something about it.

‘I imagine that with 4 children, life can be pretty hectic – what has your journey been like so far?’

I got through the first 6 modules of the Kitchen Reset Program successfully, then I hit a roadblock when life got busy with a slew of birthdays, family events and illnesses.  I found however, that by keeping in touch through the Facebook groups and webinars I kept moving forward despite not getting through as much of the theory as I felt I should.  I realised I wasn’t alone which was a positive experience instead of feeling disheartened. It is going to sound silly but two phrases in particular (which get used a lot throughout the Program) have become my mantras – ‘baby steps’ and ‘there is no such thing as behind’.  I cannot tell you how these have alleviated the massive sense of guilt that would stop me from taking action.  The Program format, Ashley and the Kitchen Coach community are all so encouraging that I finally feel free to make positive, LASTING change.

‘So, what does life look like at the Jantke household these days?’

Our pantry is filled with wholefoods … it actually smells delicious when I open the door (go figure – all I can think is that it smells of real food instead of boxes and plastics!).  I’m slowly conquering meal planning and it almost feels easy.  My shopping style is completely different – I have a lovely ritual of going to the fruit & veg markets on Saturday morning with friends and staying for a coffee and catch up afterwards – it’s my me time and grocery shop all in one – and boy it feels a whole lot better than going to the supermarket!  I am down to a monthly conventional grocery shop plus one click n collect in between and it feels so good to have freed up all that time.  The rest of my food is bulk, largely organic and online (I was that person who couldn’t understand why anyone would spend more money on organic when the budget is tight but I now realise this is not the case if you know how, and I cannot imagine doing it any other way).

And then there is the case of the jar of greens!!  My hubby is constantly teasing me about kale and bunches of herbs.  During the Program I was still figuring out how to make sure they would get eaten each week, so more often than not I would have them in a glass of water on the counter after my market shop … ready to use THAT DAY … but inevitably they would wither and die and get thrown out by the end of the week – whoops!  It got to the point where Michael would walk in and say ‘oh I see you bought some more kale for the chooks … can I feed it to them now or do I need to wait ‘til the end of the week?’ I am getting so much better at eliminating waste these days 😊.

‘Do you have a ‘biggest win’ so far to share?’

JERF – ‘Just Eat Real Food’ … I was such a recipe-person before the Kitchen Reset Program (still am I guess) – but now I’m no longer panicked if I haven’t planned something ‘proper’ and I know I can just pull out what is in the fridge and throw it together and THAT IS OK.  As long as we are eating real food, I am nourishing my family and I don’t feel like I have failed on dinner.  And there is always green pesto (green because the ingredients change from week to week) and hummus to save the day.  These two get smashed in our house whenever I make them – I have to triple batch at least and hide some in the freezer!  The biggest take home learning for me was that they AREN’T JUST DIPS – we do eat them with veggie sticks and crackers, but I also add a good dollop of either to almost every meal, whether it’s a salad or roast veggies or anything else – good stuff!

‘Now you have come on board as a member of the Kitchen Coach Team?’

Having experienced the Program myself and loving the difference it has made in my life, I just wanted to encourage others on the journey and be a part of Ashley’s vision in whatever way I can. Too many of us out there just don’t know how much better it can be, or maybe we do but we can’t fathom how we can possibly make it work for us.  It’s not just about health, it’s about making real food manageable and achievable in our busy lives.  I just love the people I have met in this community and the friends I have made.  I hope that I can play my little part to make a difference in someone’s life.

Rachel Schilling - mentor team

Rachel, her husband Pete and their three children – Ethan, Anika & Pearl live on the Sunshine Coast.

Rachel is big on NOT being a passenger in her own life and inspiring others to think the same.  This ethos challenges her to be proactive in the way she lives her life.  She loves her morning walks, spending days with her kids at home, reading and finding her creative joy in the kitchen.  Rachel loves the calm and rhythm of her days in the beautiful place she gets to call home.

‘Can you tell us why you joined the Kitchen Reset Program?’

I attended one of Ashley’s events on the Sunshine Coast and when she said ‘you don’t know how good you could feel’ – I thought right – well, I’d better find out!

‘And you have continued on into SHEF…’

Yes, I felt like the Kitchen Reset Program was just the beginning of the journey towards wholefoods and better health and I wanted to keep the momentum with challenges and support.

‘What was the favourite part of the Kitchen Reset Program for you?’

Has to be Ashley – she is just so inspiring.  My biggest aha moment though would have to be that food doesn’t have to be a meal (like in the sense of how we mostly think of it) – I love pulling food from the fridge and putting in on a plate! – just as long as what is in the fridge and pantry is quality wholefoods you can’t go wrong.

‘Can you give us an example of how the Kitchen Coach has changed your life?’

I never would have thought I’d say this but … I LOVE spending time in my kitchen now – in fact, my happy place is a full day in there – creating, loving, bringing well to our family and friends.

‘Do you have any advice for people who are where you were before the Program?’

You don’t know how good you can feel! (I stole that line 😉).

What has motivated you to join the Kitchen Coach Team?’

Because I believe it is all about the baby steps.  People have often already started in some form or another toward wholefood eating and better health, helping people see the steps is where it is at!

KC Team Photos--4.jpg

Stacey Barrett - mentor team & Logistics

Stacey resides in the bustling metropolis of Brisbane with husband Andrew, 4-year-old daughter Charlotte and 2-year- old son Lachlan.

Stacey professes to be ‘just an average mumma’ but when you see her on our Facebook pages you will see one motivated mumma bear – dedicated to nourishing her little family with the most amazing wholefoods and her creative soul (we think she might have a bit of a baking addiction too and not a few of us are secretly filing her creations away into our ‘got to try’ folders!!)

‘So Stacey – why the Kitchen Reset Program?’

I wanted to become more organised and efficient in the kitchen and bring more joy!

‘Like a lot of people, you continued on with the SHEF Program – can you tell us why?’

I loved connecting with like-minded people and loved the support through the Kitchen Reset Program.  I wanted the whole experience to continue through the SHEF program, and it hasn’t disappointed.  There are so many support mechanisms available – I love how everyone shares the good, the bad and the ugly – we are all in this together, cheering each other on.

‘How about an example?’

We all have a few fails along the way but we learn to salvage – my first attempt at making Neatballs (aka mush!) I managed to turn into the most beautiful spaghetti sauce – we all had a laugh about it and celebrated my creative win.  The trust and belief in myself I have gained throughout my time with the Kitchen Coach is invaluable and I realise I can do more than I thought I could, and what I gave myself credit for.

‘What has changed in your world since joining the Kitchen Coach?’

Ashley is now part of the family for one, she is mentioned frequently, and the kids love cooking with her!  I look forward to getting into the kitchen and preparing something delicious and nutritious, it is fulfilling as a wife and mother (prior to the Kitchen Reset Program it was a chore to get into the kitchen).  I have minimal trips to the supermarket (yay!), a fully stocked wholefood pantry which easily lets me try new recipes and I love getting more than one meal out of a kitchen session.  One of the biggest things is not having to worry about what this additive/number/flavour enhancer is because now we JUST EAT REAL FOOD. I can now see us building a solid foundation for our kids, and future generations, I see us enjoying a happy, healthy and energetic life (playing and keeping up with our kids until we become uncool!).

‘You have now joined the Kitchen Coach Team – what was the motivation behind this?’

I have experienced the massive impact the Kitchen Coach has had on my life, and that of my family’s, and I want to share what I have learned along the way and support others on their journey.

‘Any advice for those thinking about going down this path?’

Dive in, immerse yourself in the process, surrounded by like-minded people.  Trust this is a process, and you are in the right place at the right time – oh and don’t forget to celebrate lots along the way.