Why Should I Detox/Declutter My Pantry?

Pantry Detox: “A process involving physical cleaning; de-cluttering unused or excess stuff; and re-defining which foods will be allowed in that space, for the purpose of reduced stress, improved health and greater peace of mind.”

What are we detoxing from? The average pantry has accumulated toxins from plastics, dust, mites, bugs, food residues, crumbs, and food chemicals or additives. From the body’s perspective, any food that the body does not recognize as something useful - for any of the hundreds of thousands of functions it performs daily (growing, new skin cells, digestion, hormone production, oxygen-transfer etc.), is considered a toxin by the body.

If it is not useful for me, it must be eliminated.” – YOUR body!

Unfortunately, the body is not always able to shelter us from the effects of that toxin on its way out – IF it gets out completely. Sometimes, the best the body can do, is to store the toxin as far away from the vital organs as possible. Where would this be you may ask? – in fat layers under our skin (La Merrill et al, 2012), discuss fat and it’s toxicity holding ability. This means that for some people, the easiest way to remove these toxins is to spring clean the body from the inside out by eating less processed foods and more whole foods. Even if you are not holding excess weight, there may still be a fat stores with a toxic load within your body that is held in closer to the internal organs. This has become so common in the last few years that it now has a term: “TOFI” – Thin Outside Fat Inside. Or in a more medical sense, it is being referred to as “MONW” – Metabolically Obese Normal Weight. Regardless of weight, we live in a world that exposes our bodies to a toxic load.

Dr Sarah Lantz, in her book Chemical Free Kids, found that the average baby is BORN WITH over 200 chemicals in its tiny little body straight off the starting line! These chemicals were mostly made up of ‘everyday items’, common food chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and plastics. The detoxing of the pantry, household and body is crucial to minimise the effects of these toxins.

How can we regain control of our longterm health? With food of course!

We need to identify the area in which we can make the biggest difference and then go back to the root of that problem.

There may be little we can do to change the air we breathe and the environmental pollution we are exposed to but there is an enormous potential for change in what we choose to put into our mouths everyday, and those decisions are largely influenced by what is on offer in our kitchen. The root of the problem that we have the most personal control over is then the pantry (and fridge).

WE get to choose what we put in it and equally what we choose NOT to put in it. Get yourself and your family set up for success in long-term vibrant health by detoxing your pantry (or having the Kitchen Coach come to assist). The “next step” will look different for everyone but it's the most important step by far. Stay posted for powerful, tried-and-tested tips and tidbits, shared via Instagram and Facebook over the next month as we help you Detox your Pantry so you can Spring Clean from the inside out. You can follow the Kitchen Coach on Facebook and Instagram.

How toxic is your Pantry?

To find out how your pantry fares, take The Kitchen Coach’s Pantry Quiz, CLICK HERE to discover how your pantry rates.


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