What do I eat?

What do I eat?

One of the most common questions I am asked.

So, what do I eat? My first answer is this, REAL FOOD! Whole, real, food. The second part to this answer is, what I eat is what works for ME, I have identified which foods help me thrive and be the best I can be. Does that mean it works for everyone? If only it was THAT easy!!!

Many of us seek a label to connect with, looking for words ending in -an, -ian, and -eo. I completely understand why, because as humans we use words to succinctly describe and to simplify our communication. Diet now lives in a world that was once exclusive to politics and religion, where it almost always results in there being RIGHT vs WRONG, depending on your viewpoint. 

I teach you how to discover real, whole, and fresh foods, to seek foods that are gentle to your body and the earth, and most importantly to listen to your body.

Where will that lead you? I don't know, but I do know by shifting the food you eat away from processed, additive-laden products towards food that is fresh, local and full of vitality WILL result in better health for you, your family and the beautiful ecosystems that support us.