Transform Your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions. They come around like clockwork each year, you end the year before full of food and drink, you look back on the year that was and (with unnecessary negativity) collate our regrets, skipping over the massive wins you had along the way. Then you say, "2018 is MY year! I'm gonna get fit, eat healthy, be the best Mum/Dad, climb Mount Everest, fly to Mars and back, be more organised, do the Mooloolaba 70.3 Half Ironman AND sleep more!". The first week of January is awesome, you're on holidays, you pull on the runners and get walking and plan out the BEST healthy menu for the week. Week two, you're going strong, feeling a little sore, but YOU ARE DETERMINED. Week three rolls around, it's back to school shopping time, your schedule starts to fill, you skip a few active opportunities and reach for the "simple" dinner here and there. Week four hits, you are back at work AND the kids are back at school, and well, STUFF THIS NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, I'LL DO IT NEXT YEAR!!!

My thoughts on New Year Resolutions? They are good in theory, but without the right scaffolding and support can be more damaging than good for us! We've heard of yo-yo diets, where you change your diet, lose some weight, congratulate yourself and celebrate, and put it all back on - New Year Resolutions can have this effect too, where the change you want to make encounters a challenge or time constraint and it gets put in the too hard basket just one month in! 

Have you made a New Year Resolution in the past and had success implementing the change? What about this change process helped it STICK? This question is super important to ask, as it unearths where the success lies in making any change in your world. Be it diet, behaviour or activity. 

I want to cover off how you can make a change (be it a New Year Resolution or just an Any-day Resolution) that sticks and has the desired effect. So before you write down your resolution (or if you want to review the one you have written), follow these steps FIRST for success:

  1. Start with your WHY, why do you want to make a change? Is it for your health? For your family? The WHY is super powerful to help you get through the habit changing pain that could lie ahead, write it down somewhere where you see it every day (TIP: Grab some whiteboard markers and write it on your bathroom mirror!);
  2. Now it's time to look at why you haven't made this change before, what has got in the way for you to stop you from achieving this goal? Was it time, energy or laziness? This step is important as they will be the saboteurs you need to watch out for on your journey.
  3. Now it's time to write down your goal or resolution, plan it out and seek out the following support:
    1. An accountability friend - this person will keep you on track and check in with you as you make the changes to ensure you don't get distracted or disheartened by your saboteurs;
    2. Structure - a structured process is fundamental for success, step by step with measure points keep you focussed AND breaks it down into bite size pieces;
    3. Community - surround yourself with people who are on the same journey, this support will keep you inspired and ensure you share the trials and tribulations together!

So, what's your WHY, who/what are your SABOTEURS and what is your RESOLUTION? Share it with me in the comments - I will check in with you in a month to see how you are going (seriously!).