The Gift of Education

When I launched my Kitchen School in June this year, I was beyond excited to create a space for people to come learn in a fun, enjoyable space. To have a place for the community to come together, absorb new information, create new friendships and connection, and empower them to be a part of the ripple effect of my whole food passion has been the most enriching experience for me. It has left me excited for 2017 and the continued evolution and growth of myself and my education programs. For those who haven't experience a Kitchen Coach program, I currently offer my signature 8 Week Program and of course my Adult Kitchen Master year-long program at the Kitchen School.

My WHY for empowering the adults of the Sunshine Coast and beyond is for the next generation and the resilience of our communities. I want the "elders" of our community to be the beacons and examples that our children look to for guidance, and I am already seeing the beautiful results from these guiding lights. When I receive a text message from a Mum who's teenage son has eaten a home made healthy salad AND gone back for seconds AND complimented his Mum - I get a little teary... For those Mums and Dads reading, keep persevering, the change will come.

Where do your children receive their education on food from, the impact and power is unmeasurable. Do they get it from the TV? Or from yourself? Do what you can to ensure they are shown the best way for their healthy futures, make sure it is full of whole foods, connect them with farmers so they understand the importance of fresh and local produce.

I see every day that young adults are hungry for information, and to hear about it from someone other than their parents (we ALL know what we were like as teenagers, Mum and Dad were NEVER right!). In collaboration with Kitchen School alumni and school teacher Jodie McIntyre, I have created the Kitchen School Teen Program. This program is specifically designed for ages 12-17, and will be undertaken as an after-school program over 6 weeks. If this interests you or your teen, I will be running an information session on Monday evening the 5th of December, you can register for your seat (limited!) at this link.

This program was developed to help young adults understand the importance of balance in their diets, as well as teach them to prepare simple, healthy AND tasty meals by themselves! The bonus from this 6 week program is you will have dinner sent home each workshop night and there will be homework each week, so you will be guaranteed at least two nights off in the kitchen! The gift of education is a powerful one, one that lasts longer than that latest computer game or iPhone, if your young adult shows interest in learning more, then this is the perfect gift, actually this is more than a gift, it is a permanent enhancement for your child's life, and the precession of this will continue with your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Imagine this, your son/daughter leaves home to venture out in adulthood, and you know you can rest easy that they understand and comprehend the value of eating well and how to prepare meals in a smart, fun and quick manner. Then they share this with their friends, and their future families, talk about enduring!

Ashley x


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