The Art of Keeping Cool

As I write this, the mercury is heading towards 36 degrees on the Sunshine Coast (40 tomorrow), our friends in Sydney are sweltering at 39. Summer heat waves are a rite of passage for all Aussies, but living on the coast we get it quite good. Residents of Moree have had maximum temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius for over 40 days straight - so no complaining right!?

My home town is known for its cold winters and hot summers (we are the summer holiday capital of BC, Canada), so I was quick to develop some great strategies for keeping cool and hydrated when the temperatures rose.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep cool, hydrated and healthy during the heat.

1. Make mega ice cubes

mega ice cubes

Cooling your beverages with ice is a great way to keep cool, but do you find your ice melts away far to quick? Make mega ice cubes (I use my muffin tray) to make ice cubes that take a long time to melt away - I like to add some fruity flavour to mine, a slice of lemon/lime, and a little dash of salt (see below) for a refreshing citrus flavour as it cools your water! The bigger the ice cube the longer it lasts, and keeps that drink cooler!


2. Add salt to your water

With the heat, we sweat a lot, and drink lots of liquids to keep hydrated. The problem is, when we sweat we lose minerals from our body, and when we drink liquids, we aren't replacing the minerals (we are diluting them!). So with your water, add a sprinkle of himalayan salt or celtic sea salt to mineralise your water (it sure beats the fake sugar and salt Gatorade as an electrolyte!). Your body will be feel more hydrated, and less fatigued as you keep the minerals levels up in your body!

3. Drink cooling teas

Iced teas are a WINNER with the heat, I recommend making a blend of mint, rosehip and lemongrass (you can make a hot blend of this, let it cool off and mix with ice water). Sip on this during the day, so it doesn't feel like you're constantly just drinking water! Add a mega ice cube with a slice of lemon or lime to make it feel a little fancy, because, whilst you might be a sweaty betty, at least you can be a fancy sweaty betty!

4. Make cooling foods

Stay away from the stove and oven, and eat cooling foods. Fresh salads, frozen smoothies, cold soups are the best way to keep your body cool. Lots of cucumber, watermelon, fresh greens and sprouts - give my grated salad a try today!

5. Rest

It's the weekend, take some time to rest, read a book, today is not the day to be baking muffins or cleaning the house. Find a good movie, an awesome FMTV documentary, or a good book (I recommend Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert) - and relax. Your body will enjoy the rest, and keeping cool.

Ashley JubinvilleComment