Spring Cleaning Mega Blog 2

We're mid-way through September, and I've compiled another mega blog from the week that was. Full of tips, tricks and did you knows. Read on to discover more:

Buckwheat - What do I do with it?

Did You Know? Buckwheat is high in protein and can be cooked like rice, turned into porridge, ground into flour or sorted sprouted for salad sprinkles? This versatile fruit seed is an awesome alternative to wheat flour in cooking. Have you tried buckwheat? Tell me about your favourite recipes! Grab your bulk buckwheat from your local bulk food store...

The Kitchen Coach's Gluten Free Nutritious Loaf

Spring gluten free homemade bread that WORKS. I've spent years perfecting this recipe so it works, tastes good and is easy to make! All it takes is making your own bread pre-mix, water, olive oil, eggs (or flax eggs for #vegan) and apple cider vinegar. Ready to bake in 10 minutes.



• 1 Cup Almond meal

• ¾ Cup Tapioca flour

• 1 Cup Buckwheat flour, Rice flour, Sorghum flour or combination of any of them

• ⅔ Cup Flax seeds (pre-ground into meal)

• 1 tsp Slippery Elm powder

• 1 tsp Baking soda

• 1 tsp Salt

• 1 Cup Water

• 4 Tbsp Olive Oil

• 1 ½ Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

• 3 Eggs (Flax Eggs work too!)


PRE-MIX (4 Loaves of Dry Mix)

• 400g Almond meal

• 400g Tapioca flour

• 550g Buckwheat flour, Rice flour, Sorghum flour or combination of any of them

• 400g Flax seeds (pre-ground into meal)

• 1 Tbsp Slippery Elm powder

• 5 tsp Baking soda

• 4 tsp Salt

To make one loaf from the pre mix use 460g of premix + • 1 Cup Water • 4 Tbsp Olive Oil • 1 ½ Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar • 3 Eggs (Flax Eggs work too!)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and take out as many loaf pans as you will need.
2. Whisk up all 4 wet ingredients in a large bowl.
3. In a separate bowl, mix all the dry ingredients well, OR use 460g of pre-mix per loaf.
4. The bubbles will begin to be created as soon as you combine the wet ingredients with the dry so stir them together ONLY until the last little bit of flour has been moistened into the wet. Mixing any longer can result in a denser, heavier bread.
5. Transfer immediately into a loaf pan and bake covered for approximately 35minutes. Remove the lid/ cover and continue to bake for another 8-12 minutes or until only slightly browned on top and firm to the touch in the middle.
6. Let this bread sit before cutting into it for at least 20min. out of the oven just in case the middle has not fully finished setting.
7. This bread slices well and freezes well pre-sliced. It tastes amazing fresh out of the oven and delicious still once cool, a personal preference is warmed/ toasted in the toaster first.
8. It is very high in protein and fibre and should assist healthy bowel movements due to the addition of flax and slippery elm - unlike conventional breads which can have the opposite effect.
9. Feel free to experiment by adding other nut or seed meals, starting at about 1/3 Cup at a time instead of either almond meal or GF flour.

Propane Gas in Your Oil???

Would you like a little toxic propane with your "healthy" olive oil? This spray oil contains the propellant propane, the same thing that fuels your BBQ! Hydrocarbons are a good fuel for your car, but it is not FOOD. My pantry detox tip today - throw away your oil sprays and replace them with high quality cold pressed organic oils! It's just as easy to pour as it is to spray, and a whole lot healthier!

Switch Sugars

Detox Your Pantry Tip: Switch Sugars! What type of sweeteners do you have in your pantry? Ask the question, how close to nature is this sweetener to nature? What processes has it gone through to be in its current form? Take the time today to switch out the refined (most cane sugar is over refined far from its original form as rapadura) and fake (yep, Equal is made from aspartame, acesulfame potassium, dextrose and maltodextrin plus other culprits pretending to be good for you, Splenda for example - 100% AVOID these 😵). Replace with real whole food sweeteners, like medjool dates, honey 🍯, coconut sugar or organic maple syrup - these are refined concentrated sweeteners, but far more nutritious for you. Extra tip - reduce your sugar intake, eat whole fruit 🍎🍍🍓 to satisfy the sugar cravings, make your own healthy chocolate to avoid the sugar laden baddies 🍫🍬 that lurk in the supermarket. Once you wind back the refined sugar your taste buds will adjust and make even broccoli seem sweet! Seriously!! Every piece of whole contains exactly what our body needs, to add sweetener or other flavour enhancers deny us the real beauty of food...