My Why. Whole foods for a healthier world.

Many people ask me what keeps me going, what brings out the passion in this tenacious Kitchen Coach. I am fuelled by whole foods, and fuelled by this burning desire to help cut through the crap and noise around WHAT we should be putting in our mouths. My goal with Kitchen Coaching is to simplify healthy eating for people, whilst avoiding the far too common dietary dogma and evangelical DON'T's. Put simply, my mantra is this, eat WHOLE foods and listen to your BODY.

Far to many families are in a cycle of sub-par health, doctors visits and shortcut "cheap" meals - I am on a mission to break this cycle, and show you how food can bring you into a new cycle of optimum health, doctors checkups only and easy, nutritious low-cost meals. Many people get stuck in the vortex of the "easy yet uncomfortable" space, where their pantries are full of processed foods, they find themselves always in the supermarket and moving through life fuelled with caffeine. My why is this - to help support people through the shift to a better way, to gradually shift families to a life where their pantries are full of whole foods, they are shopping for nutrient dense and fresh foods and their vitality comes from the food that fuels them.

Why Whole Foods?

Whole foods. These are foods that are true to form, they are complete and unmodified. Many families I meet believe they ARE eating whole foods, but this is sadly not the case for some. As supermarkets and the industrial food supply system has taken over our kitchens, food has become a product, a widget if you like, where results are measured in sales of units versus the quality and nutrition of the products. This has led to products that were once fresh whole foods being turned into products that contain food, yet are combined with laboratory-made additives that preserve, flavour and colour to counteract the impacts of sitting on a shelf for months and years. It looks like we are eating whole foods, it tastes like we are eating whole foods, but upon closer inspection we are eating a cocktail of non-food ingredients that have untold effects on our body system. Yes, these chemicals are deemed safe by Food Standards Australia, but are they safe to be consumed for long periods of time, and how do they interact with each other? No one is asking this fundamental question! Or are they combining for the perfect untraceable crime, leaving us with chronic disease and no evidence to point to WHY?

To make it clear and simple, the clearest way to break through this, is to get back to basics. Look at ingredient lists on the foods you eat, cut out the crap and prepare your own meals from scratch (Not sure how to do this without the jars and tins? Get in touch!). The noise presented by many celebrity foodies and the media can lead to confusion, or despair as you try to recreate that Instagram meal to failure. I'm here to be a human "noise-cancelling" headphones for you, showing you that the key to health is in WHOLE foods, and how to do within your world without the stress and confusion.

How do I listen to my Body?

Listening to your body as to what foods nurture and support you takes some effort, but once you learn to become a food detective and link what you eat to how you feel, the sooner you can identify which foods don't work for you. Whilst this is simplistic approach, it has had profound results for my Kitchen Crew, by observing how they feel after eating certain foods (processed sugars, caffeine, gluten or sometimes dairy for example) they have been able to identify where there may be dietary issues in their world. From here, further medical tests can help identify whether the issue is an intolerance or an allergy, or whether their body is not running at full steam. This combination of self observation and professional support helps take the guess work out of what your body thrives on and what your body struggles to digest and assimilate. Over time this becomes part of your daily routine, observing how you feel (avoiding the cover-ups of caffeine, pain killers or medication) and recalibrating your diet to suit. This avoids labels, you simply become a qualitarian, eating foods that are of the best quality and have the best qualities for YOUR body.

So - join me on my quest to bring whole foods to as many families around the world, whole foods WILL give us a healthier world, it's natural! Share this blog with someone in your life who is in the vortex and cycle of processed foods - and invite them to many of my public presentations around Australia to help break that cycle!