My Christmas Menu 2018

This time of year excites me so much! Celebrating at Christmas parties, summer bbq's and of course Christmas Day itself. Every meal I sit down for I am incredibly grateful for, the synergy of the sun, earth and seed bringing such deliciousness and nutritiousness to me! Christmas time always brings a glut of foods to our tables, which is not the ideal scenario, topped with the volume, many of the festive foods are packed full of sugar, fat, salt and artificial STUFF.

I wanted to share with you the food that will be appearing on my Christmas table this year - to inspire you and show how you can have healthy, wholesome food without the volume and unnecessary flavour additives and enhancers!

Now - the only catch to getting these recipes is this, you have to join Cook With Me LIVE (there are two options, free & the Plus+ archive) - if you're reading this after December 9th you may have missed your chance to catch the recipes. Head to to get signed up and receiving the recipes (or if you are late, the archive access is 100% worth it, think of it as your growing, living healthy cook book!).


Bruschetta Salad with Gluten Free Croutons

Crazy good. We all love bruschetta, it's a fantastic appetiser, but have you ever tried this as a main? I've taken bruschetta and made it a salad PLUS added in some delicious gluten free seed bread croutons to round it out!


Tropical Trifle

This outstanding trifle-turned-healthy will turn heads and excite tastebuds, with reduced sugar, healthy jelly and egg free custard - you can make this your own topping with your favourite fruits (if you are in the northern hemisphere, I recommend using winter fruits, apples, pears and berries!).


French Corn Salad

I first enjoyed this salad on a school exchange to France, it combines my favourite citrus (grapefruit) with fresh, sweet corn. This is .a gem of a festive side dish, and I know you will love it as much as I do!

Each mouthful takes me back to my stay in Dijon, France - the best way to travel, with your tastebuds!

meatloaf buckwheat copy.png

Buckwheat Neatloaf

I'm experimenting with a plant-based Christmas spread this year, and have perfected this delicious (trust me carnivores!) lentil and buckwheat loaf. It has the texture, flavour and mouthfeel of a traditional meatloaf and will (possibly!) trick a few guests.


What's on your menu? I would love to know!

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