Just Gadget's or Great???

Kitchen gadgets - the life of late-night infomercials - and EVERYONE has them! Most of them site in your second drawer, holding space and not doing much at all. The hope that came with purchasing the gadget (and the sales pitch!) has faded, and now you don't even notice it there.

What gadgets do you have in your drawers? I have some, and yes some of these are good old dust gatherers! I'm going to become Inspector Gadget, and inspect some of the common gadgets in kitchens and rate them GADGET or GREAT to help you identify which ones you should keep or throw away! There are a world of gadgets that I won't cover here, simply because they really are not worth your time.

A worthwhile gadget is one that you use regularly AND saves you time - many are fiddly and novelty.

Mandoline (pictured) - GREAT

This slicing machine is a must have gadget, it saves you time and energy when you have lots to slice - I would highly recommend one!

Julienne Peeler - GREAT

A quick way to make some zoodles or prepare salad bits, a definite winner.

Slicer Dicer - GADGET (but can be great!)

This little gadget is a darling of infomercials, it's handy, even I've bought one - but it doesn't come out very often - unless I'm making my favourite potato hash browns. If you are a stickler for perfect dicing and slicing, I would put this one in the GADGET category!

Spiraliser - GADGET/GREAT

Getting the right spiraliser is SO important, many of them are fiddly and become rarely used. Beware one's that look amazing, they tend to be all flash and no bang - I recommend searching for one that looks like the one to the right, it's effective and can handle all sizes of veges.

Garlic Press (pictured) - GREAT

Sick of trying to dice garlic, these are the best gadget for those that love garlic in their meals. Make sure you choose one that is made of quality materials, otherwise you'll be dealing with gadget waste (where your gadget breaks and hits the landfill).

Lemon Squeezer - GREAT

Whether it's for a salad dressing or for your morning lemon water, lemon squeezers are the BEST! I personally love the Avanti lemon squeezer, handy, easy to use and clean and durable. Go for heavy duty ones made from stainless steel - plastic is not suitable!

Apple Peeler - GREAT

Peeling AND coring an apple? This gadget is not only fun, it will make your life a whole lot easier. It can also be used for potatoes slinkies.

Fruit Juice Tap - GADGET

I found these in my drawer, I've never used them! I actually can't remember where I bought them, but I definitely got sold a pup. Just squeeze your fruit.

Egg Slicer - GADGET

Got a knife? Then slice your egg that way. Looks great, rarely needed. Unless you make perfect egg salads everyday!

Banana Slicer - GADGET

Boy - what a gadget! Don't bother :)

Avocado Slicer - GADGET

Yet another flashy gadget that serves only one purpose, sitting in your drawer keeping the real gadgets company.

Spatula (pictured) - GREAT

A quality spatula is a fantastic gadget, get the most out of that bowl with this awesome gadget. Plus, who doesn't love to lick the spatula after making something yummy!

Thermomix - GREAT

Whilst a little pricey, I love gadgets that can do more than one thing, the Thermomix is one of these. It can weigh, cook, steam, blend and mix like no ones business.

Did I miss one? Let me know - I'll add it to my review!