How to increase your nutrition in your everyday life

Many of us are on the path of eating healthy, eating more whole foods and avoiding processed foods. As a community we have made huge steps to empowering our neighbours to make the conscious choice to be hungry for change and know that food matters.

I am asked daily, how can I eat even better, how can I boost my meals to get the highest nutritional value per mouthful? The good thing is, it’s easy, and these simple nutrition hacks ensure you get the best result on your plate and in your belly!

Make your pantry and fridge “organic and natural whole food-only zones” – if the only foods in your house are whole foods, your nutrition is well on the way to being at peak level.

Plant nutritious snack packs everywhere (in the desk drawer at work, in the car and ready to go in your pantry), to avoid the temptation of those cafe muffins or croissants when on the run. I always carry an activated nut snack or a whole food bliss ball in my purse to manage the snack attacks, or if in a rush out the door, a quick scoop of organic nut butter to give me a protein and healthy oil boost.

Think outside the box, avoid packaged foods, buy bulk and make your own mix – supercharge your breakfasts with your own oat-free porridge blend or granola blend. Next time you go to buy processed food (even if it’s organic!), think about how you can make it yourself, fresh and to your liking. Not only will this increase the nutritional value by being fresh and minimally processed, you will make whole food eating a whole lot more affordable.

Put away the recipe book! Learn how to turn nutrient packed fresh produce into your own recipe formulas, cooking to a formula allows you to be flexible and creative when preparing foods. By cooking to what’s fresh in your fridge and in season, you don’t let food go to waste and you use fruits and vegetables full of vital nutrition.

Finally, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, get your gut biome in good shape, have fermented foods daily! Adding living probiotics such as sauerkraut, kimchi and apple cider vinegar to your meals (uncooked) will ensure your belly bugs are strong to extract maximum nutrition from your whole food diet.