Home is where the heart is.

Over the years, hundreds of beautiful people have opened their homes up to me, to sit in their kitchen and talk about their lives and what is troubling them (health, stress, kids, food, hubby, work etc). It has given me an insight into how important home is, home is truly where the heart is, and the heart of every home is the kitchen. Home is where we connect with loved ones, where we rest, where we play and where we nourish. 

Throughout my life I've moved more than 10 times, and when I move in to my new home the first space I settle into is the kitchen! So much of what I do in my day revolves around the kitchen, my morning routine, my work, my nourishment and my friend and family interactions. Studies have shown that most of us spend up to 50% of our "at home and awake" time in the kitchen!!! After the bedroom, the kitchen is the most used space in a home. This demonstrates to me that how we spend time in this space heavily dictates how home life is. How do you spend your time in the kitchen? 

Take some time today and reflect on your homes through life, what about them stick out, how many "home" memories revolve around food and the kitchen? It will surprise you how big an effect the kitchen has on a home and the memories we make!

Memories from each place where I have made a home stick clearly in my mind for me:

  • Penticton, Canada (my home growing up) - Mom's Russian Chicken and discovering my love for food and family;

  • Edmonton, Canada (my home whilst at university) - cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my res buddies (as many of them hadn't been taught how to cook)!

  • Hervey Bay, Australia (my home when I first moved to Australia) - discovering the wonders of raw food recipes;

  • Koh Phangan, Thailand (my home for two weeks whilst travelling) - living on a diet of fresh tropical foods with a $20 blender, fruit bat heaven!

  • Brisbane, Australia (my "other" family home at my Aunt's place) - cooking and sharing multiple celebration meals with my Aussie fam - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays!

  • Sunshine Coast, Australia (my current home) - creating and refining whole food meals that are a combination of easy/nutritious/delicious!

Share your memories with me - it warms my heart to know your home is where your heart is :)