Getting A “Flow On”...

If you have ever worked directly with me, you may have heard me say “…once you get your flow on.”.  Now that I witness the magic of this ‘flow on’ effect so regularly, I thought it would be good to officially explain what it means so many more can take advantage of being in the flow – in your kitchen at least.

The concept is quite simple, although it does take consistent effort until it becomes a natural, new habit.  Once you get your flow on, you will be benefiting from efficiencies that will make your life a whole lot stressful and hopefully, a whole lot more healthy.  I have yet to meet a person who has got the flow on, who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy the process and results. They usually say how much they wish they had been taught it earlier.

Getting your flow on in the kitchen means making all your ‘major’ efforts in the kitchen pay back more than just once. As an example, if you’re making dinner anyways, why not at least make a double batch so you have leftovers tomorrow. Many of you are doing this already, which I will call level 2 (level 1 is just cooking for the current meal). The magic begins at level 3, if you will, when you are starting to think a little bit beyond tomorrow. If while making that same meal, you could also triple or quadruple part of it and freeze that, then you would benefit from tomorrow’s leftovers, as well as another meal in the future.  In doubling, tripling, or quadrupling a meal, you do not multiply your time in the kitchen by the same amount. The bigger the batch (within reason), the more time you will save, as compared to making each one in an individual effort with their own lot of shopping and dishes.

Making your favourite cake? Why not mix up a quadruple batch of the dry ingredients and put them back in the pantry for the next time you go to make that cake? The same applies for homemade muesli, trail mix, pancake mix, pizza dough etc.

Have crazy mornings with kids begging for packaged treats in their lunchbox? By having your flow on, you would be making a double/triple batch of different healthy treat once per week such that by week 4, there would be a selection of at least 4 things in the freezer for little Johnny to choose from, no more complaining allowed. 

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Because you made a double batch of coleslaw two days ago, you now conveniently have a bunch of veggies cut up and ready for a super fast sauté (apple pieces are fine and you can pick out the sultanas, no big deal). Add in a few freshly cooked rice noodles, melt 3 cubes of your frozen thai green curry paste in a pot with some coconut cream and TA-DAH!!! There’s dinner, in under 10 minutes – because you have your flow on.

Another word for getting your “flow on” is being “organised”, but you need to know what that means and how to make it magical in your life so that it sticks.

So what’s stopping you? If it is something you have never done before then it is new. Most new things are scary, until they’re not anymore, because you got to know them. It helps having someone show you how. But just start - Tonight! If you’re not already making enough for leftovers every single time you cook anything more complicated than baked beans on toast, then do that tonight. Start playing with how you can enjoy the leftovers in various ways tomorrow. On the weekend, make a bigger batch of your favourite raw dessert and start the flow.

Once you get into it, you will learn a few more things. One is that you actually need to make sure your pantry is well stocked at all times so you are free to create these larger batches when the inspiration strikes. This is part of the foundation organisation and is a topic for another day. The main key here is to start making bigger batches and learn the ways in which you can do things smarter-not-harder. As soon as you feel the results, it will power you up to keep the flow on!

Ashley JubinvilleComment