Cooler Weather Kitchen Rituals

With a cool chill in the air here on the Sunshine Coast (sorry those south of Queensland and my friends in the Northern hemisphere, it's only 16 degrees Celsius in the evening!) - I get a little excited by adding an extra layer to my bedding, it also signals a change in the season, and a change in my daily kitchen rituals. Join me to discover how you can embrace the season, let your body adapt to the change, nourish yourself AND keep warm!


This week I started preparing vegetable broth for breakfast, such a warming, nourishing start to the day. I made a vegetable scrap broth a few weeks ago and froze the broth into cubes, this is the perfect way to have a quick and easy meal starter on your hands! Simply slow cook organic vege scraps in your slow cooker with some coconut oil and fresh herbs, extracting all the goodness out of the unused parts of your veges. Let it cool and then pour the liquid into ice cube trays, once frozen pop them into a container in your freezer.

Not only does this broth unlock the nutrients that we miss, it also provides you a healthy fat dose, and warms your from the inside out! Plus you get the added bonus of the house smelling delicious as your broth slow cooks!


After a busy couple of weeks with Easter, Kids Programs and getting some exciting new products ready for launch - I've started to feel a little run down. With a little extra sleep and rest, I am brewing daily teas that I sip throughout the day, with slices of ginger, turmeric and honey to soothe my throat and bring some warmth as well. Letting these teas steep all day, and having them on hand ensures my body is getting the goodness and benefits from these grounding roots! 

Outside the Kitchen

Embracing the cold is important to help your body adapt and shift with the new season, most mornings I start with a brisk walk in the cool air, not only does the walk get your body moving, it wakes you up with the cool air on your skin and brings the clean morning air into your lungs! Sometimes I'll jump in the cool ocean water too, I might not be able to do this through the winter though, it can get quite cold! 

The contrast between cold and warm is a great way to help your body become resilient to the changes in temperature. Once a week I run myself a hot bath, full of epsom salts and calming essential oils just before bed, I soak in this for around 20 minutes. The essential oils help get my body and mind ready for sleep, and the salts help soothe the aches of a busy day on my feet. Then, from bath to bed, I also ensure I leave my bedroom window cracked, to let the cool air in and help maintain the optimum sleeping temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

What are your autumn rituals, I'd love to hear, I'm always looking ways to move my diet and body with the seasons. Share yours in the comments below!