Cooking With Me 'in your kitchen' - Exciting News!

My love for food, working in the kitchen, and sharing my strategies for saving time, health, money and stress in the kitchen are my passions. Every single day I wake and work on this passion; whether it's re-working a new recipe, absorbing cutting edge information from researchers, or fine tuning the systems I use to organise and integrate everything so that it can work easily in your fast-paced world, I love what I do. Helping people all around the world navigate and contextualise the quagmire of available information is ultimately my role, and sharing this message to as many as I can is my goal.

I often hear from people, "If only you could just come and cook for me at home.". Humbly, I say thank you, but I would like to do one step better. Instead of giving a man a fish, I want to teach a man to fish for himself. Ultimately empowering him (or in most cases, her) to not be dependant on anyone other than himself for the kind of daily nourishment we call food, that either leads to health or illness over time. These skills are becoming more and more rare at the same time as more and more critical.

My wish is for YOU to take control of your kitchen, which inevitably means you then take control of your food and your health. I wish for you to discover that you do NOT have to be at the beck and call of slick marketing or "hope dealers" who profess the world when it comes to quick-fixes or miracle remedies. Change comes from within, and the most sustainable, rewarding, joyful, healthful changes are ones that begin with the daily choices you make about what is fit enough to go in your mouth, and what isn't.  

My journey has been to figure out the most effective way to achieve this for as many people as I can.  I've lain awake many nights wondering how I can best connect with the beautiful people who so desperately NEED this change.  Most people I have worked with have benefitted by being shown exactly what to do, in a way that maybe they never would have experienced by continuing along on their (not so?) merry way. Recipes alone don't teach this, so Cook With Me Live was born.

Last week I realised that I needed to open the door wider though. Many of you see updates via social media, my blog and newsletter, and may have worked with me in the past, but ultimately I need to SHOW you what it is I mean. In every Cook With Me video I bring across so many other little tidbits of information and useful 'kitchen hacks' to help you develop skills much beyond the actual recipe we are cooking together at that time. The efficiency hack I have applied to this program ITSELF, is to be able to teach you useful things for all your times in the kitchen WHILE getting a meal on your table. No time lost! Using less than 1% of your waking hours per week, you can transform your world at a sustainable pace, one meal at a time. And the best part?! that we have just blown the doors wide open - It's FREE!

Ashley JubinvilleComment