Beating the dinner time stress...

Let me paint you a picture. Actually, let me show you the movie of so many lives. 

You arrive home from work (on a good day) at 5pm, the kids have rolled in from sport training or after school care, and the first words you hear aren't "hello Mum/Dad how was your day?", it's "I'M HUNGRY!!! WHAT'S FOR DINNER???". The feeling bubbles up inside, it's like groundhog day, what IS for dinner? You check the fridge, there's some limp veggies and some sauces, you forgot to defrost the roast, and it's all getting a bit much. Witching hour is upon you, the baying hordes are screaming for food, and well, you just want to reach for that magic wand to make dinner appear!

This story is on repeat for so many, and it's simply not fun, the human brain when under stress and pressure sometimes can make poor decisions, or seek the shortcut to make it easier. Many opt for:

  • Running to the shops to get a few bits and pieces to pull together dinner (consuming 30+ minutes doing so);

  • Toast (YES, toast!);

  • Takeaway;

  • "What the kids want" - e.g. chicken nuggets and chips.

How can you get out of this hamster wheel? It's not easy, but there are some steps you can implement right away:

  • Think ahead (yes, think ahead) and get ready for dinner tonight this morning (or even better, have your meals planned ahead, so you can shop, prep and be ready to cook all week!);

  • Big batches are saviours, here's a tip, make a big batch for dinner tonight, and save some for freezing! Do this once or twice a week to build up the back up supply for "those nights"!, in quick time you'll have back ups that will last you a week!

  • Lost for inspiration? Tune into to get inspired!

  • Fire up the slow cooker, that way you can have dinner cooking while you are out and come home to dinner ready to serve straight away! Slow cook soups, stews, stocks, lasagne etc.

Ashley JubinvilleComment