Activated Granola Recipe

Many people have been asking me for a granola recipe for AGES! I’ve held off, I had the opinion that there are enough on the world wide web as it is - so why another one? I relented, and I’ve put together a delish, not crazy sweet granola recipe for you to enjoy!


Granola Mixture 

  • ½ Cup 80g Sunflower seeds 

  • ½ Cup 80g Pepitas 

  • ½ Cup 80g Sesame seeds 

  • ~4 Cups 450g Almonds 

  • ~3 Cups 330g Walnuts 

  • ~4 Cups 300g Coconut flakes or shreds 


    ~6 Cups 700g Oatmeal 

    1 ¾ Cup 450g Coconut cream 

  • OR

    ~14 Cups 700g Cornflakes, "fruit juice sweetened" 

  • OR

    Half and half 

Flavour Sauce 

  • ~6sm. 700g Apples 

  • 2 Tbsp Cinnamon 

  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla 

  • ¼ tsp Salt 

  • 3 Tbsp Maple syrup, date paste, or honey 

  • 4-5 Tbsp Carob syrup, or apple juice concentrate (optional) 

  • 2 Tbsp Rooibos, fine powder (optional) 


This recipe has been designed for a dehydrator. If using an oven, please note that it will not technically be considered a "raw" activated product once finished. It may also not all fit in one batch in standard ovens so consider halving it at first. Although not technically still raw, it will still be far better for your digestion and probably healthier than what you would find in the shops. 

  1. Add sunflower, pepita, and sesame seeds to a bowl with at least 2cm of water above the level of seeds, to soak ~10hrs. 

  2. Add almonds and walnuts to a separate bowl with an extra 4cm of water, to soak ~10hrs. 

  3. If using oatmeal, soak it in the coconut cream now too. 

  4. Once they've soaked, drain the waters away. 

  5. In a food processor, blitz-pulse the seeds mixture a few times until it chops them up slightly (texture level is your choice). 

  6. Do the same for the almonds and walnuts but make sure there are no entirely-whole almonds or it will take too long to dry. 

  7. Transfer all seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, coconut-soaked oatmeal and/or cornflakes into a very large mixing bowl. 

  8. Cut the cores out of the apples and add the apple flesh (skin on) to the food processor, along with all remaining ingredients for the sauce. 

  9. Blend this sauce mixture as smooth as possible (not critical). 

  10. Mix the sauce evenly through the granola mixture with your hands. 

  11. Spread evenly over ~ 6 x square dehydrator trays or equivalent. If using an oven, it may require 3 shelves in a wide oven to fit it all 

  12. Set the dehydrator to 47°C for a raw granola and bake for 16+hrs. Alternatively, set to the max temperature on your dehydrator (~65°C?) and check back at the 12hr mark. See notes below for oven instructions. 

  13. Test that the biggest piece of almond or walnut is 100% crunchy with ZERO yield when you bite into it to know that it is done. If it is not 100% dry then it may go moldy before you have a chance to eat it from your pantry. Store in fridge if in doubt. It might be so delicious that this won't have time to be an option ;) 


For a granola that is approximately as sweet as the ones in the shops, you may need to double (2x) the maple syrup used or only 1.5x if using honey instead. Carob syrup is sweet but also contributes excellent iron, calcium-without-oxalates, fibre, no fat, and no caffeine. It will not leave an overpowering flavour once baked either, just nicely sweet. 

Rooibos powder is difficult to find and is therefore optional. It would contribute very high levels of antioxidants and a nice mild flavour. Other subtle flavour options could include lucuma, maca, chai powder, or more cinnamon and vanilla. 

The dehydrator is required to maintain enzyme levels and keep it a 'raw' product (under 47°C). You can however use the oven, set to 60-70°C (140-160°F) and check it at the 8hr mark. Open the oven every hour or so to let out excess moisture.