A Life of Learning

With the launch of the exciting Kitchen School this weekend, I felt inspired to write about learning, education and information. After all, my life's work is about sharing information in a fun and interesting way to help people learn something that may inspire change in their life.

Life is all about learning, we spend our whole life learning, from the moment we leave the womb to the moment we enter the tomb. How did we learn to eat, to walk, to talk, to tie our shoe laces and brush our teeth? Learning IS the life experience that enriches our time on this earth. The modern human has created a world dedicated to education, from school, to learning to drive, to sporting pursuits, to colleges and universities! A wise man (Albert Einstein) once said "Once you stop learning, you start dying."

Learning About Food

What about food? Since my Kitchen Coaching journey started, I have been inspired by the many families who are hungry to learn more about food and health. Our modern lives have become overloaded with information on how we best prepare food, eat food and lead healthy lives, it is like we've been put in front of a fire hydrant of information and just want to take a little drink!

We live in a world with systems to help us learn how to understand science, mathematics and geography, yet it has neglected to teach us the most important thing we do each day, how to nourish our bodies in a way that ensures we don't descend into chronic disease. In Queensland, there is currently no guaranteed primary and secondary school curriculum that covers whole food diets, how to read labels or even how to prepare food! Our children are leaving school with very basic information, and rely on what their parents or televisions teach them to continue onto the world. Sadly our televisions are full of advertisements, and my thoughts are this, if the food needs advertising on televisions, then it is likely NOT REAL FOOD.

This lack of consistency has left many of us without a compass, in a space where we simply DO NOT KNOW what we do not know, and with no systems to navigate information surrounding health and food. Some of us are lucky to question this and go on a quest to find information that resonates with our innate need to eat well and live well, diving into the deep abyss of food information!


The overwhelm of information available to us has almost stifled the learning mechanisms in our brain, like deer in headlights we are just trying to work out where we are and what to do next! Do I trust the advertisement I saw on TV or that Instagram post from Chef Pete Evans? My doctor said I should eat this, but my friend tells me it's OK to eat fats as long as they are healthy fats? The Fresh Food people have this box of muesli bars on sale, they say zero sugar, they're healthy right? Even I get caught up in the bright colours and hype that surround food and healthy information - my approach to overwhelm is to pause and fly above it all.

Within the quagmire of information lies something that resonates with you, it is important to step back from the information and take a look from 50,000 feet, have a look at the lay of the land. This process is incredibly important in your learning and evolution, allowing you to see where each path leads, which one leads to a future of health and which one leads to hidden surprises. It becomes clear through logic that food that requires any artificial additives should not be in our pantry, that the further something is away from nature the more likely our digestive system will get confused and lose function. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed, pause, look at the situation objectively, you will come to a resolution that works for you.

Support for Learning?

Finding a support network that encourages learning and education, like the Kitchen School, allows you to talk among peers and take your own journey of learning and education to enhance your knowledge of health and food. Most importantly, this process ensures your children and the generations beyond are passed on knowledge that ensures their longevity, healthy and vitality. Think of each little piece of information you absorb as an investment in your life, as well as an investment in the future for your family.

What is your support network? I'd love to hear about others that exist - let's create a world of support for people who are seeking a shift in their food and kitchens!

If you are searching for one, I would love to share my new space for learning and education on food, visit me and my team at the Kitchen School - you will feel at home and eager to keep learning! You can find us at www.kitchen.school.