Ashley Jubinville is The Kitchen Coach, a structural engineer turned food educator from British Columbia, Canada. Based in Australia, Ashley shares "The Kitchen Coach Approach" via her Kitchen Reset Program; her SHEF (Stress-free, Healthy, Empowered Foodies) membership; Retreats; and Events.

Ashley's passion for natural whole foods and the kitchen started at a very young age with her Mom inspiring her to cook and her Dad getting her in the garden every day! She was a sponge for information, and took her Mom's passion for cooking and her Dad's passion for home grown food and started to create her own flavour of cooking and kitchen skills.

Her "life after home" led her to study engineering, helping her hone her skills on problem solving, design systems and creativity. This study led her to a career in engineering, which was a great challenge, but missing something to keep this Canuck interested. She wanted to effect real change, and designing toilet blocks and roads was not going to satiate this hunger. 

Leaving engineering in ‘search’ of adventure and foodie experiences, she toured organic farms around the world for 9 months;
worked in multiple restaurants;
‘baby-sat’ an avocado farm with 800 trees;
spent a couple years as the horticulturalist/farmer to establish the world's first Organic Farm Share;
ran a vegetable market stall; and
designed and started her own business in food manufacturing snack clusters.

…but something wasn’t quite clicking yet…

In 2012, Ashley was diagnosed with Coeliac's disease and was forced to make changes as her body had lost its ability to tolerate a single trace amount of Gluten hiding anywhere in food. Chances are she had this from a very young age, looking back upon previously unexplained symptoms that had just normalised into her life. 

This massive change in her diet, coupled with a few years of being a cook for a family and being a second ‘mum’ to 4 kids opened her eyes to a whole new passion, purpose, and reason to share what she had learned. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in an organised, practical, functional, and healthy way so that families could enjoy more harmony in the home and brighter futures became all she could think about.

She knew her real passion was helping people learn to love and appreciate the bounty that nature provides for both our tastebuds and our health, but she also was a pretty big nerd when it came to organisation and efficiency. When she found herself flipping friend's pantries for fun, and sharing her favourite recipes, she found herself and her future.

Ever since that very first experience with food in her parent's kitchen, her passion, interest and pure motivation has been for vibrant health via the abundance that nature has freely available. Ashley believes the best medicine is prevention. Another way of saying this is that the best medicine is continued, vibrant, inspired health through our habits!  This happens every single day, most predominantly with what we put in and on our bodies, as well as our daily measure on the scale between happiness and stress. She draws from an extensive array of techniques for self-empowered healing that you can do for yourself - because ultimately YOU know YOU best!

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"The more we know the healthier we grow."

Ashley is an inspiration in the kitchen and an advocate for vibrant health naturally.  With a background in structural engineering, she now channels all those learnings in organisation, efficiency, and problem-solving into helping people establish a solid foundation for health in the home.  She won't stop until she has positively transformed, and personally touched the lives of 10,000,000 families. 

"Never underestimate the power in that next single step."

Ashley does not restrict herself (or anyone else) to any particular diet other than "healthIER", step-by-step, day-by-day, gradually making changes that last, and only so fast as to still enjoy and delight in the process. 

"It is about integrating these gradual changes into your current lifestyle so that they become the new 'normal' ".

Her natural ability to combine flavours and create easy, wholesome meals with whatever's available has inspired many already to be able to do this themselves.

Ashley is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She and her team travel Australia-wide for Events, Pantry & Kitchen flips, Speaking Engagements, and Retreats. Contact us for more information.