The Kitchen Coach

Hi there!

I'm Ashley, The Kitchen Coach, and I'm here to change the way we think about the kitchen and food! Join me on my mission to transform Western food culture via my Cook With Me LIVE program and my 12-week Kitchen Reset Program. Dive into the inner workings of The Kitchen Coach Approach via my blog and my regular events.

Ashley Jubinville - The Kitchen Coach

Cook With Me...

I invite you to join me in my kitchen each week to cook with me LIVE. It's free, fun and packed full of delicious and healthy skills!

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My events...

I would love to share my tips, tricks and strategies with you! Join me at my live events to take action today...

The Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Reset Program

My feature program is one that will change your world, reset your normal and build a platform for health in 2018. New schedule being released very soon.


The Kitchen Coach Blog

Every week, I put down my thoughts, ideas and ramblings on all things related to food and the kitchen, I'd love for you to join me!